Leonard Nimoy And Zachary Quinto Star In New Audi Ad [Video]

Leonard Nimoy, old Spock, and Zachary Quinto, new Spock, recently filmed a new commercial together for Audi.

Nimoy hasn’t taken part in as many internet shenanigans as his Star Trek co-stars William Shatner and George Takei, but his first go with Audi commercial makes up for any lost time.

In the commercial, Spock 2, Quinto, challenges Spock 1, Nimoy, to a game of golf.

Spock 1 hops into his new Audi, which has plenty of room for his golf clubs, push buttons, and a fancy GPS screen and drives to the golf course without incident. Spock 2, on the other hand, has a difficult time as he struggles with his non-Audi car.

Quinto seemingly wins the challenge by arriving to the golf course first but Nimoy ends up with the upper hand when he uses a Vulcan pinch.

The ad includes some great moments, like Leonard Nimoy cursing and singing, but it also includes a glimpse at the Audi Autonomous TT. The self-driving car isn’t available for purchase but Audi has been cleared, according to Forbes writer Hannah Elliot, to operate self-driving vehicles on public roads.

Of course, the ad isn’t solely promoting Audi. There’s also a little Star Trek movie that will soon make its way to theaters.

Here’s the video of Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto in the new Audi ad.

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