Fitbit Flex Begins Shipping, Offers Bluetooth 4.0

Wrist-based activity tracker Fitbit Flex is now shipping. Like past Fitbit trackers, the device is able to sync over Bluetooth 4.0 via iOS and Android devices. The Fitbit Flex also features a Bluetooth dongle for PC connections.

The Fitbit Flex arrives a short time after the Jawbone Up and the Nike FuelBand.

As users place the Fitbit Flex on their wrists, the device works in a similar way to a pedometer. Data is collected and then sent from Fitbit servers via a users mobile app and through their online Fitbit account. The activity band also provides access to food logs and various other fitness items.

The Fitbit Flex provides LEDs that light up when users reach predefined activity targets. Targets are set through the users Fitbit account since the wristband does not feature any physical buttons. To switch modes, users only need to tap the wristband several times.

In order to improve on past Fitbit devices, the new Flex device offers a higher degree of water resistance than clip-on trackers. The company also claims that wearing the device on the wrist prevents it from being lost.

The FitBit Flex costs a modest $100, and, with fewer chances that you’ll leave it clipped to your clothes, it likely means less accidental trips through the washing machine.

Here’s a video that showcases the FitBit Flex in action:

Do you think the FitBit Flex is a better option than former Fitbit devices offered by the company?

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