Justin Bieber Sets Off Six Speed Cameras In Dubai, Just A Hoax?

Justin Bieber arrested in Dubai for running a string of red lights and setting off six speed cameras while driving a white Lamborghini to a late starting concert?

As news stories go, it’s a compelling one. But, according to E! Online, it’s a hoax.

Previous reports that the Canadian heartthrob was wanted for questioning by law enforcement after eluding a police escort on route to his second concert at Dubai’s Sevens Stadium have reportedly been revealed as a hoax that originated on social media site Reddit.

The original Reddit thread, entitled “Justin Bieber May Be Getting Arrested Post Show In Dubai Tonight,” had been posted by someone claiming to be employed at the stadium.

An extract from Reddit’s post, which has since been removed, although over 4, 500 comments remain, read:

“After showing up 2 hours late for his second show, blowing away his police escort in a rented [Lamborghini] and … running red lights and hitting up to 240 km on the highway the Dubai police have had enough.”

“Adding to the madness, his body guard and 1 entourage has already been arrested and Bieber threatened to not go on unless he was released knowing full well the Sheikh’s daughter is here. Dubai Police confiscating his car now. More to follow, he’s going on now.”

According to Death and Taxes magazine, subsequent bizarre chatter at the site said Bieber had been seen in full make-up after the show, attempting to make a getaway on a Segway from Dubai police and imploring his tour crew to “hide me.”

Further comments of that ilk followed.

UK tabloid The Sun quoted a witness who claimed to have seen the pop star setting off those six speed cameras. The paper wrote:

“Witness Nikki Jameson said: ‘He was travelling along the Sheikh Zayed Road where there are at least six speed cameras. Every single one flashed off as he went past. He had a close shave with a bus and stood out like a sore thumb. A 19-year-old in a white Lamborghini is hardly discreet.'”

E! Online now reports that before the Reddit post was removed, it was updated with a note that news of Bieber’s imminent incarceration was in fact a hoax and that the singer was not wanted for apparently “racing down the streets of Dubai at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.”

E! Online spoke to a representative for the teen singer who told them: “No one was arrested.”

However, Dubai’s 7 Days reports that a Dubai Traffic Police spokesperson says their patrols saw a white Lamborghini speeding. The spokesperson reportedly said:

“Justin has a number of fines for exceeding the speed limit on Sheikh Zayed Road.”

Gulf News also reports that Dubai Police have confirmed Justin Bieber notched up six speeding fines during his visit to the city, setting off radars on the SZR — the longest road in the UAE — on Sunday night.

The outlet said police observed Bieber driving recklessly.

The second Dubai show later saw Bieber attacked on stage by a fan.

During a performance of set closer “Believe,” a male fan jumped onto the stage and grabbed the teen singer. Within seconds the man was rugby tackled to the ground by security and dragged offstage. Meanwhile, Bieber carried on singing, then took a three minute break before returning for a two song encore.

Allegedly, the unnamed fan has since given an interview to Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4 FM’s Brent Black and said he only wanted a “hug” and to “take a picture.”

The fan also repeatedly apologized and said he “didn’t mean to scare” his idol.

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