Tim Tebow Fans Make Plea To Whitehouse To Find Him A Job

Tim Tebow’s fans have made a plea to the Whitehouse to find him a job with the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have even filed a petition with the Obama administration hoping to get the President’s endorsement.

After being released by the New York Jets, it seems that one team after another has made it clear that they don’t want him. There are even people who don’t believe he couldn’t make it in the CFL.

With so many people who make their living evaluating talent saying that the former Florida Gator doesn’t have enough, Tebow fans have made their plea to Barack Obama.

A new petition has been started up that asks the President to intervene and convince the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign the quarterback.

These people actually go a step further than just wanting the run-first QB a spot on the team. The petition makes the case for why he should be guaranteed a starting slot.

“If the Jaguars sign & START Tebow, home games will be sold out, sales will spike, the team will win and the fans will be happy,” the petition claims.

Those who have filed this very interesting petition claim that rookie general manager David Caldwell is “blocking” the team from signing the former Bronco.

That seems to indicate that some of these people don’t really understand what a general manager’s job actually is.

The petition process that was started by the Whitehouse earlier this year has seen quite a few interesting requests.

There have actually been so many appeals that the Obama administration recently raised the number of signatures needed in order to get a response.

If the group that started this wants an official response they will need to drum up 100,000 signatures in a month’s time. It should be pointed out that the response doesn’t have to be “yes.”

What do you think of the Tebow fans’ plea for help from the government?

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