Harry Styles Ditches One Direction, Takes Job At Bakery

Harry Styles ditched his One Direction bandmates to return to work at his old job at a bakery in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. The English heart-throb served bread and spent time with customers at the bakery while filming for One Direction’s “This Is Us” documentary.

The 19-year-old grew up in Holmes Chapel and worked at the bakery when he was 14. He left the company two years later when he emerged as a rising star after appearing on The X Factor. Styles is worth an estimated £15 million, but he was paid £6-an-hour during his time at the bakery.

One Direction’s most popular star had no problem returning to W Mandeville bakery, and a source in attendance told The Mirror: “It was very funny because there were security, chauffeurs and minders outside, and there Harry was acting like he was still a baker’s boy earning what he earns in a second now.”

His former boss, Simon ­Wakefield, said Styles was the “most polite member of staff we’ve ever had” and that customers “really took a shine to him.”

During his time at the bakery as a youngster, he mopped the floors, cleaned counters, washed trays, and did everything he was asked of. He wasn’t on his hands and knees during his return to the bakery, but he did catch up with staff before rejoining his band on their tour.

One Direction’s “Take Me Home” Tour has 120 set dates and is the band’s biggest tour ever. The shows began in Europe and will move to the United States before ending with appearances in Australia and Asia.

The pop sensations play in Oslo, Norway on Monday but Harry won’t soon forget his return to the bakery. It’s extremely tough for the up and coming star to find peace and quite with his busy schedule and young women chasing him around the world, wherever he goes.

He reached the quiet and simple life again as he found himself behind the counter of his hometown bakery for the first time since he was 16-years-old. From breaking bread at the bakery to rolling in the dough with One Direction, Harry Styles can do no wrong and there isn’t a young girl in the world who wouldn’t share a pastry with their favorite singer.

[Image via Eva Rinaldi]

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