Senator Gravel: UFOs Have Visited Earth [Video]

UFOs have visited earth, and it’s high time that the government admits the truth. That’s the position of UFO advocacy group Paradigm Research, and they were willing to spend $120,000 to convince influential former politicians like former Senator Mike Gravel to listen to their evidence.

Mike Gravel is the Democratic long-shot presidential candidate from Alaska who ran in 2008 but failed to gain much interest outside his home state. He has also dabbled in Libertarian Party politics.

Apparently, he’s an out-of-the-box thinker, and that’s what Paradigm Research was looking for to sit in on a week-long “Congressional-style” hearing on the evidence that extraterrestrials have visited earth. In all, six politicians were paid $20,000 apiece to come to Washington and listen to witness accounts of UFO sightings.

The evidence that UFOs have visited impressed Gravel. “What we’re faced with here is, in areas of the media, and the government too, an effort to marginalize and ridicule people who have specific knowledge,” he said.

I’ve heard some of this evidence myself years ago, and some of the witnesses can be very convincing. Gravel was most impressed with the testimony of Air Force Capt. Robert Salas, who has been an outspoken witness to events that occurred in 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

The other five retired politicians who appeared at the hearing were a little more mealy-mouthed.

“If everybody here is telling the truth, there is pretty compelling evidence that at least some of them [UFOs] didn’t come from here,” said former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD).

You’ll notice that strategic “if.”

“The smoking gun of the whole issue, which is when [Capt. Salas and colleagues] saw hovering space craft in Wyoming and South Dakota over the ICBM missile silos that the missiles couldn’t work,” said Gravel — a detail which froze my blood in the 1980s when the information was first declassified and widely disseminated to the public.

However, if the cagey UFOs did disarm our ICBMs, they’ve had a few decades to follow-up on any invasion plans, so there’s that.

Here’s how Dr. Salas remembers the event today:

Do you agree with Gravel that UFOS may have visited earth?

[model UFOs visiting earth photo by Chromatika Multimedia snc via Shutterstock]

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