‘Suburgatory’ Star Jane Levy Divorcing Actor Jaime Freitas

Jane Levy is reportedly divorcing husband Jaime Freitas after a brief, under-the-radar marriage.

Levy plays Tessa Altman on the hit ABC sitcom Suburgatory.

Levy, 23, quietly married Freitas on March 2011 but they separated seven months later. She finally filed the divorce paperwork in mid April. Apparently the break-up was amicable. “Levy’s filing indicates she doesn’t want to pay spousal support to Freitas — whose career isn’t quite at her level.” In her court papers, Levy cited irreconcilable differences, the default legal justification, for seeking an official end to the marriage.

Jane Levy made her TV debut on Showtime’s Shameless and has appeared in four feature films so far: Fun Size, Nobody Walks, the 2013 version of the Evil Dead, and In a Dark Place (in production).Forbes previously named her to the list of “30 under 30” who are remaking the entertainment world, calling her “one to watch.”

Suburgatory follows George Altman (Jeremy Sisto), a single father who decides to get away from New York City to the fictional Westchester County suburb of Chatswin so he can give his teenage daughter, Tessa (Levy), a better life. There they encounter a lot of weird people and situations in the typical sitcom tradition.

Levy played a junkie seeking refuge in a backwoods cabin in the remake of Evil Dead, which is doing well at the box office so far, but admitted the shoot was physically difficult.”Being buried alive was the hardest thing to deal with psychologically. I had a plastic bag tied around my head with an oxygen tube behind my ear, laid in a ditch.That was a hard day.'”

Evil Dead 2, the sequel to the reboot of the Evil Dead franchise, is already in the works.

Are you surprised that Jane Levy is able to pass as a teenager in the TV sitcom? Are you a fan of the show and/or her work in the Evil Dead remake?

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