Google And LG Working On New Nexus Handset

The Google Nexus 5 may come in the form of another collaboration between the teams at LG and Google.

A report circulating on Saturday suggests that the South Korean electronics manufacturer is working with Google to create the next-generation Google Nexus 5 smartphone.

Last month, rumors began surfacing in which the Nexus 5 would be a simple retooling of the company’s last device. The new rumor suggests the companies could be working on a new distinct Nexus phone.

Sources at the Korea Times claim that Google founder Larry Page recently met with LG CEO Koo Bon-joon, and they discusses how the company’s could improve their relationship.

The source claims that LG wants to take its relationship to the next level, perhaps through the creation of smart TVs and wearable technology. The new tech would use Google’s software know-how and LG’s hardware expertise. LG Display already provides screens for Apple and other devices and its ability to scale production could provide Google with the power it needs.

When the Google Nexus 4 debuted, the handset sold out in less than half an hour. Google and LG oversold the handset and offered only a limited amount of supply. Analysts were quick to point out that the Google Nexus 4 would have sold out even with light demand because of supply levels.

Google aligning itself with LG couldn’t come at a better time. Samsung, the Android smartphones largest supporter, is believed to be planning its own OS that could debut in the next five years. Should Samsung choose to ditch Android OS in the future, Google could shift its focus and massive sales potential to LG.

LG, receiving a vote of confidence in the meantime, could lead to other manufacturers choosing the South Korean company for their own product builds.

Do you think LG and Google will make for a good future partnership?

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