WWE News: Hall Of Famer Offered Spot In The Retribution Faction

Earlier today, WWE shared a video to its Twitter account that caught the attention of Retribution member T-BAR. The clip featured The Rock taking on The Sultan — who went on to become Rikishi, the dancing Samoan who became a big star in the Attitude Era — at WrestleMania 13. While the Hall of Famer lost to The Rock at the event, his effort was good enough to impress the T-BAR.

The Retribution superstar — who competes on the Monday Night Raw brand — retweeted the post and tagged Rikishi, encouraging him to dust off his old Sultan mask and join the upstart stable. Some of T-BAR’s followers also weighed in with their opinions on The Sultan joining Retribution, and most of them were enthusiastic about the idea.

“I’m all for it. Get @the_ironsheik while you’re at it! What would the Sultan’s #RETRIBUTION name be? I vote ‘SULTANA,'” one fan tweeted.

“I mean it would be interesting I suppose,” a second Twitter user wrote.

Other social media users proposed some other legends who’d be a good fit for the stable. Repo Man, Meng and Jimmy Jack Funk were among the names mentioned, though T-BAR didn’t respond to any of the comments and confirm if he was interested in recruiting them.

However, T-BAR did call out Bow in the comments section. The rapper recently revealed that he wants to join the company after his next album. Since then, T-BAR has shown an interest in the famous hitmaker, with his latest tweet about him stating that he wants to make Bow Wow cry.

Rikishi appeared to reject the proposition, however. The Hall of Famer subsequently took to Twitter and told T-BAR to “smarten up,” suggesting that he isn’t interested in aligning with the heels. His words could even be interpreted as him calling the current star stupid. Of course, he could have been pretending to reject the offer before pulling a swerve down the line. Given that he’s retired from in-ring competition, though, it’s unlikely that he’ll team with the masked troublemakers any time soon.

Rikishi competed in WWE from 1992 until 2004. In addition to the Rikishi and Sultan gimmicks, he became famous as a member of The Headshrinkers team. He also competed as “Make a Difference” Fatu while trying to find his way as a singles star. The Rikishi character was his most popular, but if the response to T-BAR’s update proved anything, it’s that The Sultan has some fans out there.

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