CodeWeavers offering CrossOver software for free Tuesday

To celebrate low gas prices in the Twin Cities area, CodeWeavers have announced that every visitor to their site Tuesday October 28 (we presume CST) will be able to obtain a copy of one of their CrossOver software packages free.

The story behind the offer is rather convoluted, so this from their media release (it’s too hard to paraphrase)

The catastrophic cratering of the global economy, falling gas prices and President George W. Bush’s recent executive activities have indirectly prompted Saint Paul gadfly software developers CodeWeavers, Inc., to provide free software for every American on Oct. 28, company officials reluctantly announced today.

In July, CodeWeavers – whose software lets Mac OS X and Linux users run Windows programs without having to Microsoft for a Windows OS license – launched the Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge ( to encourage President Bush to make the most of his remaining days in office by accomplishing a major economic or political goal by January 20, 2009.

The goals focused on President Bush making specific positive accomplishments in areas such as the economy, home values, the stock market, the war on terror and other key issues. Specifically, one goal called for President Bush to help down bring average gasoline prices in the Twin Cities to $2.79 a gallon.

On Monday, Oct. 14, gas prices in Minneapolis and St. Paul did just that.

CodeWeavers offers three CrossOver packages: CrossOver for Mac, CrossOver for Linux and CrossOver for Games. The first two packages allow Mac and Linux users to run a range of Windows software on their machines without having Windows installed. CrossOver Games focused on delivering PC games to Macs. I own a copy of CrossOver Mac, and although it doesn’t get a great workout, it’s a great package, particularly for those who want to make the switch to Apple but don’t want to give up all their favorite programs, or want to run something like Outlook on a Mac.

Grab your copy here. Each free copy is fully licensed, and includes future upgrades and support.

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