Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe Accuses Twitter Of Bowing To Mainstream Media Pressure

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe returned to Twitter last night and accused the social media giant of bowing to mainstream pressure. This came after the platform permanently suspended the account of the notable conservative activist group.

In a video shared to O’Keefe’s personal profile, he noted that the Project Veritas suspension was initially supposed to be temporary. He also shared a screenshot that detailed the content of an email that he received from journalist Brian Fung, which claimed that Twitter was willing to restore the page if he deleted a controversial tweet.

However, the decision was changed to a permanent ban following an alleged pile-on from prominent media organizations. According to O’Keefe, he never got the option to delete the tweet or appeal the decision after the story was picked up by outlets such as The New York Times and CNN.

O’Keefe’s profile was also taken down for a short time, but it has since been reinstated. However, he continued his crusade against the Jack Dorsey-owned company afterward.

According to RT, the conservative activist recalled an incident in 2018 which saw CNN confront a Donald Trump supporter outside her home and be broadcast online.

As reported by Mashable, Twitter took action on Thursday after the Project Veritas account shared of one of its members approaching Facebook executive Guy Rosen outside his home regarding censorship tools. Rosen’s home address was visible in the video.

The employee was trying to get Rosen to clarify Facebook’s policy to disable comments on posts within groups that have “a high rate of hate speech or content that incites violence.” However, the content of their discussion wasn’t what led to the ban.

Per Mashable, a statement released by a Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the Project Veritas account was “permanently suspended for repeated violations of [the social media platform’s] private information policy.”

This ruling essentially prohibits users from posting people’s personal details without their permission.

The latest incident follows a series of incidents regarding O’Keefe’s organization. As Mashable pointed out, the group has been accused of distorting video to align with its own agenda on numerous occasions in the past.

Another famous incident that pertained to him reportedly selectively editing footage occurred in 2017. As The Inquisitr noted, he allegedly used undercover agents and hidden cameras to investigate CNN employees in an effort to prove that they didn’t believe the Russia-Trump collusion story that was making the rounds at the time.

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