‘Sister Wives’ Fans Criticize Meri Brown Over Huge Home Featured In TLC Teaser

Fans of Sister Wives have taken to Instagram to criticize Meri Brown over a TLC teaser that promoted the show’s return to the network on Sunday, February 14.

In a throwback clip posted on TLC’s social media site, Meri shared her excitement with the clan over a special and unique feature within her Arizona rental. She joyfully brought the Brown children inside and revealed she had something to show them.

As everyone gathered around Meri, she instructed them to not open closets or doors. Her big reveal was upended by Robyn’s young son Solomon who spoiled Meri’s surprise after seeing a tiny elevator button on the wall. The kids gathered inside for a quick ride to the abode’s upper level.

In a confessional, Meri sat alongside sister wives Robyn, Janelle, Christine, and husband Kody Brown as she discussed the fun aspects of the home, including the elevator and an indoor waterfall. Christine claimed the house was “huge” while Robyn commented on the neutral interior decorating, large kitchen area, and stunning details that gave the home its unique look.

Kody commented on the home’s two large master bedrooms as the women reflected on how having that much space would have helped them in their early days of living together in Utah. At that time, three sister wives and all their children lived in one small home with Kody.

Fans did not seem so supportive of Meri after watching the video. Many felt that as an empty-nester, Meri did not need that large of an abode.

“It’s ridiculous! Why can’t the whole family live in this house?” questioned one fan.

“The family complains about money, but an empty nester moves into a place like this?! Girl, get a condo!” commented a second viewer.

“Why does one person need a house this big??? The other women are living In much smaller homes. Ridiculous!!!!” claimed a third Instagram user.

“This was a rental… didn’t the neighbors complain to the landlord and she had to move out?” said a fourth fan.

During Season 10 of the series, the Browns will find that settling down in temporary homes before breaking ground on the land they purchased would be harder than they thought. The clan will continue to work through living apart and the stressful decisions they must make about their future home. COVID-19 put an extra strain on the Browns as the big gatherings and large parties that brought the family together are now a thing of the past.

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