Krystal Hall ‘My 600-LB Life’ Update: See How Ohio Woman Fared After COVID-19 Restrictions Halted Treatment

Krystal Hall was dangerously obese and terrified of failing in her attempts to lose weight by the time she appeared on My 600-LB Life.

As Hollywood Life reported, the Ohio woman was featured on the February 10 episode of the TLC docu-series, where viewers saw her struggles over moving to Texas for treatment. Like the others featured on the show, Krystal had to travel to the Houston area to work with renowned weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, but she was filled with anxiety about the 18-hour drive from her home.

“Most of my stress right now is worrying about that and not failing again. And then figuring out how to move to Houston,” she said. “That has me really stressed too because I don’t know how we’re going to do that.”

Krystal then added that she was committed to doing whatever she needed to get healthy.

Her fear was not uncommon for those featured on My 600-LB Life. Travel is often a difficult proposition for those headed long distances to work with Dr. Now, as their weight often makes it extremely painful for them to move and stay in a car for long periods. But on the My 600-LB Life episode, Krystal said she knew she would need to make the journey one way or another.

“But I know we have to figure something out because I can’t give up on getting this surgery because if I do I won’t have much of a life for long. So somehow I have to work it out,” Krystal said. “I just don’t know how right now.”

Viewers saw Krystal overcome the obstacles, traveling to Texas and eventually losing enough weight to qualify for the life-changing surgery, but the coronavirus pandemic then brought an abrupt stop to her treatment. The state of Texas ordered an end to all elective surgeries, leaving a difficult road to success and uncertain future for Krystal.

As Distractify noted, it’s unclear from her social media presence whether Krystal was able to lose any more weight after the My 600-LB Life cameras stopped rolling. Her Instagram page was set to private, but some pictures added over the past few weeks to her Facebook page do appear to show some progress in her journey, though not a significant difference in her size. Krystal gave no indication about when she might be able to get back on track for her surgery, but did post some messages detailing her determination.

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