‘General Hospital’ Schedule Shift & Spoilers: Carly’s Facing A Difficult Time While Sonny’s Feeling Frustrated

As many General Hospital viewers had suspected would be the case, the action slated to air on Tuesday got pushed out to Wednesday. The beginning of the impeachment trial in the Senate aired on February 9 during the usual time slot for many fans instead. Luckily, nobody ended up missing out on anything.

Previously, General Hospital spoilers had revealed plenty of juicy tidbits regarding the next new show. The funeral for Sonny will begin, and Nina will get a chance to meet with Phyllis. There will be emotionally-charged moments on many fronts and viewers don’t want to miss this one.

During what would normally be the latest hour of General Hospital, a new post on the show’s Twitter page confirmed the plan of action.

“Due to ongoing breaking news coverage, today’s scheduled episode of General Hospital will instead air tomorrow,” the tweet read.

Decisions like this always draw plenty of criticism. There tends to be a divide as some would rather ABC just upload the episode online for people to watch, while others prefer this tendency to push things out by a day.

In this case, a few people may have wondered why the network didn’t have a plan already in place regarding this. It was known the impeachment trial would begin on Tuesday afternoon, but an announcement regarding this change didn’t come out ahead of the usual time most General Hospital fans would be watching.

For that matter, there are questions regarding the next couple of days as well. The Twitter post indicates that the action will pick up again on Wednesday. Will it be pushed out again due to another preemption?

As a tweet posted earlier on Tuesday teased, General Hospital spoilers detail that Carly will be front-and-center during what airs next. She’s dreading this funeral service, although she agreed with Jason that it was best to go forward with it.

At this point, Carly does believe Sonny is dead. However, General Hospital fans know that’s not the case.

Sonny is currently living with amnesia and is helping out at a bar in Pennsylvania as “Mike.” Phyllis, who had helped him, was the nurse for Nina while she was in a coma and pregnant. She’ll visit Nina during the next airing of General Hospital and people wonder how and when she might come to realize that Mike is really Sonny.

Despite the fact that the scheduling needed to shift for this next General Hospital episode, spoilers suggest that it’ll be jam-packed with emotion and drama and, ultimately, worth the wait.

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