‘One Piece’ Chapter 1004 Spoilers: Tama Uses Trump Card Against Beast Pirates, Straw Hats Fight Tobi Roppo

One Piece Chapter 1004 hasn’t yet been released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. According to the spoilers posted on Reddit, the upcoming chapter will be featuring the battle at the banquet hall involving Tama, the Straw Hat Pirates, and the Tobi Roppo.

Based on the spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1004 is titled “Kibi Dango.” It will start with the narration of how Tama managed to reach the island of Onigashima, together with Komachiyo and Hihimaru. Despite being critically injured by Emperor Kaido, it seems like Beast Pirates Headline Speed is alive and well. After recovering from her injury, she used her ship to accompany Tama to the enemy’s headquarters.

Even before the war started, many fans had already predicted that the little ninja girl would be playing a major role in the Straw Hat Pirates’ alliance fight against the Beast Pirates — this turns out to be true. In One Piece Chapter 1004, Tama will be shown turning the Beast Pirates’ headliners and Gifters into their allies using her devil fruit ability.

As everyone knows, Tama is capable of producing an unlimited amount of Kibi Dango from her cheeks. When it’s fed to animals and humans who ate SMILE, they will suddenly fall under the control of the little ninja girl. Tama isn’t the only one who’s feeding Kibi Dango to the enemies, but also Usopp. If they succeed with what they are doing, they could turn the ongoing battle at the banquet hall in their favor.

Aside from Tama’s trump card against the Beast Pirates, One Piece Chapter 1004 will also be featuring other members of the Straw Hat Pirates going up against the Tobi Roppo, the strongest headliners of Emperor Kaido. Cyborg Franky and Sasaki will be shown having a one-on-one fight, while Nami will be featured using “Thunderlance Tempo” against Ulti. Vinsmoke Sanji is still stuck with Black Maria, who will tell Sanji something about Nico Robin. She will then receive an order from Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire to end someone’s life.

Meanwhile, using his special ability, Bao Huang is secretly monitoring the chaos inside Emperor Kaido’s mansion. Aside from Tama, the Straw Hat Pirates, and the Tobi Roppo, Bao Huang will also locate the Nine Red Scabbards — Kinemon, Raizo, Denjiro, Izo, Kiku, Ashura Doji, Kawamatsu the Kappa, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi. After suffering a massive defeat at the hands of Emperor Kaido, the Nine Red Scabbards were sent down by Trafalgar D. Water Law at the banquet hall. Bao Huang will also see another person helping the wounded samurai.

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