Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura’s Got Words For Carly

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday suggest that Carly will find herself on the receiving end of Laura’s anger. While Cyrus thinks that Jason was responsible for kidnapping Florence, Laura knows better. Now, after both of her half-brothers tugged at her heartstrings a bit, it looks as if she’ll try to get to the bottom of this.

Cyrus is desperate to see Florence returned, and he was wise enough to think that his half-sister Laura might be able to help. He gave her a photo of their father from years ago, and despite her resistance, this did have an impact on her.

After that, she sat down with Martin to talk for a while. Laura has been resistant to accepting that Cyrus is related to her, but she’s already bonded with Martin to a degree. General Hospital teasers indicate that she’ll confront Carly during the February 3 episode, and this is almost certainly about Florence.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Laura will make it clear during a visit to Carly’s place that she is not happy. She’ll call Carly out, and this may leave the mob boss’ wife a bit stunned.

The General Hospital preview for Wednesday hints that Laura will try to reason with Carly. While she will apparently let it be known she’s angry with how Carly used the information she shared to get her hands on Florence, she’ll also hope they can compromise.

Granted, Carly really has no interest in returning Florence to his family or the care facility where she had been living. Laura may have some success in reasoning with her, however. At the very least, she get some useful insight into what is happening with this situation now.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Cyrus will pursue other avenues. He started pushing Jordan to get involved and help him, but he doesn’t have the power over her that he once had. General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll continue his conversation with her during the next show, but he will also turn his attention to Brando.

General Hospital viewers know that Brando took the job with the mobster in order to keep an eye on him. He’s really aiming to relay valuable information back to Jason, and so far, Cyrus hasn’t figured this out yet. Is Brando about to let something slip?

Apparently, Cyrus will be turning up the heat on Brando in some sense. General Hospital spoilers hint that this dynamic could get rather intense over the next couple of weeks, and this could mean Brando could end up fighting for his life.

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