Kevin Spacey Photobomb In Boston Surprises Tourist

A Kevin Spacey photobomb is making the internet rounds, as the House Of Cards star managed to subvert the traditional celebrity/fan ecosystem by inviting himself into a candid photo, rather than the other way around.

The Kevin Spacey photobomb began to appear on the web this week after Spacey, currently starring in the Netflix original, disrupted a passerby’s pic while jogging in Boston.

While normally nervous fans have to risk being turned down by celebs they encounter in the wild, the woman managed to get a Kevin Spacey photobomb pic without even having to pretend to check a text message on her iPhone.

Spacey was in Boston to visit victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, and it appears he was just overrun with goodwill and niceness when he jumped into the pic.

Christina Sander was casually posing in front of the George Washington monument in the recovering city when a wild Kevin Spacey appeared out of nowhere, and she says:

“We were walking through Boston Common in the afternoon and were actually on our way back to get dinner when my friend, Ben Smith (who took the photo), asked me to pose in front of the statue. He took a picture, and then I noticed someone running directly toward me.”

Sander continues:

“As he [came] closer, I realized it was Kevin Spacey. He stopped right next to me, posed and yelled ‘This is a photobomb!’ ”

Surely, shouting any phrase with the word “bomb” in it is touchy in the area right now, but Sander says she wasn’t as scared as she looks in the Kevin Spacey photobomb pic:

“I know it looks like I’m screaming in the photo, but I actually think I stopped breathing for a few seconds. And then he just jogged on, looking back 10 meters down the road and [waving] at me.”

The woman in the Kevin Spacey photobomb pic also happened to be a “big fan,” and admits to having watched American Beauty about 50 times.

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