Meghan Markle Reportedly Plans On Skipping Trip To The UK For ‘Personal’ Reasons

Though many Sussex fans had been eagerly awaiting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return to the United Kingdom, it appears they might have to wait a little bit longer, after rumors suggested the former Suits actress will not return to the U.K. in the near future.

According to The Daily Mail, Harry still hopes to visit his native country in order to see his family in a trip currently scheduled for late spring or early summer. In addition, the duke allegedly hopes to be present at the July 1 unveiling of the Princess Diana statue in Kensington Palace.

However, it has been claimed that it is “unlikely” his wife will be joining him. Sources have insisted the reason behind the decision is “personal and practical” and should not be considered a “snub” to the royal family.

“It looks likely it will be just [Harry],” said a person with knowledge of the situation, suggesting Archie might also stay behind.

Previously, the Sussexes were expected to attend events including Prince Philip’s Centennial Birthday celebration as well as the Trooping of the Color.

Though insiders claimed the duchess currently plans on staying in sunny Santa Barbara, they also noted plans are not fixed and could change — especially if COVID-19 travel restrictions are lessened over the next few months.

Meanwhile, insiders have suggested the solo trip is also a way to ease tensions with the rest of the Windsor clan.

“This is a personal and practical decision by the couple, but it would certainly help officials navigate what is likely to be a fairly tricky situation,” noted a second insider.

“Her Majesty made very clear when they left the UK that Harry and Meghan were still much loved members of her own family and would be very welcome to attend family events. That still holds true. Practically, however, it comes with the need for a certain amount of diplomacy. There is still a great deal of distance between Harry and many family members, particularly his brother,” a third source added.

The source also said that courtiers were particularly worried about a repeat of the March Commonwealth Service — an event during which Prince William and Kate Middleton hardly acknowledged the Sussexes’ presence. The frosty tension between the two couples appeared to show just how deep the rumored rift between the two brothers had become.

The duchess’s decision to avoid the U.K. comes shortly after a courtier at the palace leaked information that could potentially damage her lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Limited, per The Inquisitr.

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