WWE News: Freddie Prinze Jr. Says He Quit Company Because Of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Freddie Prinze Jr. was recently interviewed about his WWE career by Youtuber Chris Van Vliet. During the conversation, the former writer talked about experiences working on the creative team and how an experience involving a Hall of Famer caused him to quit the company, despite doing a good job.

According to the Prinze Jr., by way of WrestlingNews.co, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin caused him to walk out of the sports entertainment promotion. He recalled how he watched the legendary wrestler insult a contestant on Tough Enough — a reality series that saw hopefuls compete for a WWE contract — and that was it.

During the episode, the contestant was asked why she wanted to become a pro wrestler. She responded by saying that she was doing it for her kids, only for Austin to call her reasoning “bulls***” and reveal that he never won “father of the year.”

Prinze Jr, meanwhile, empathized with the mom because he was doing the job for his family. That’s when he knew he had to resign from his position.

“I was watching that show in the writer’s room and I stood up, walked to gorilla, and I gave Vince my two weeks. I said, ‘I’m trying to win father of the year. I can’t work here anymore.’ He said, ‘Talk to me after the show.’ I talked to Stephanie after the show. I let her know. She said, ‘We were about to give you SmackDown. You were going to be the head writer.’ She was disappointed. I was like, ‘You know I love you guys, but I’m a dad. I’m out.’ That was that.”

Prinze Jr. also discussed what made him successful at his job during his tenure in the company. According to the Scooby-Doo actor, he knew that he was a talented asset who understood the talent. He also claimed that he used to write promos and storylines with their voices and strengths in mind.

The actor also stated that creative team members need to come up with promos for the talent that don’t seem like they’re coming from someone else. He said that it’s important for the wrestlers to connect with the fans, which is why their promos must seem as authentic as possible.

WWE is often criticized for micro-managing superstars instead of letting them come up with their own ideas. Prinze Jr.’s words suggested that many of them don’t get over with the crowd because their speeches don’t come across as real.

Prinze Jr. seems to be happy with his post-wrestling life as well. As The Inquisitr previously documented, he’s married to Sarah Michelle Gellar, and they’re both happy parents judging by their social media uploads.

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