‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Shocker: Theo Returns With A Bombshell Secret About Kyle

Shocking new The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Theo’s timely return ends up turning the tables in the feud between Sally and Summer. The spurned Abbott shows up in Genoa City and dishes some dirt on his cousin Kyle, which could change everything. Y&R’s head writer and co-executive producer Josh Griffith recently previewed the unexpected storyline twist to Soap Opera Digest.

Most residents were happy to see Theo (Tyler Johnson) leave Genoa City for Paris. The Abbott family made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and he burned Sally (Courtney Hope) on his way out of town by giving Summer (Hunter King) a warning about her. Theo’s words ended up sending Summer on a trip to Los Angeles, where she got all the sordid details of Sally’s past misdeeds from Flo (Katrina Bowden).

Sally is not happy to see Theo’s name pop up when her phone rings. Despite her anger, she decides to answer, and he entices her with some interesting news.

“Theo reveals he has information that she should be very interested in regarding Kyle,” teased Griffith.

Theo happens to be flying to the states on a buying trip for his Paris boutique. After she rants about how mad she is at him, the two decide to meet when he stops in Genoa City during his business trip. The scribe provided insight into why Sally felt she could rely on her frenemy to help her out this time.

“Sally trusts Theo’s offer to give her dirt on Kyle because she knows Theo takes great pleasure in taking Kyle down. Sally decides the next best thing to neutralizing Summer is to go after Kyle.”

When he shows up, the two meet at Crimson Lights, and he dumps all the dirt on his cousin. There has been something huge between Theo and Kyle for a while, and when some details about underage drinking came out, viewers felt that couldn’t be the whole story. It turns out it wasn’t. He has held back some information, and he’s decided now is a great time to spill the beans, which benefits Sally as she struggles to continue her fresh start with Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Jack (Peter Bergman) as her allies.

“Thanks to Theo, Sally is now armed with game-changing information to turn the tables and put her in the power position in her feud with Summer and Kyle. Sally’s latest move will also test Kyle and Summer’s relationship like never before,” Griffith previewed.

It seems like she is willing to throw her ally Jack’s son under the bus if it helps her neutralize Summer.

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