Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina’s Perplexed & Carly’s Desperate

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital was an intense one, and spoilers tease that Thursday’s will be as well. Carly has been desperate to prevent anybody else from realizing that the half-heart necklace Avery found ties to Nina’s, but the cat seems to be out of the bag now.

Earlier this week, Carly tried to swap out the real piece of jewelry with a fake. However, Nikolas interrupted her, and she was left unsure of which one was still in Avery’s room.

Carly filled Jax in on what happened, and they both have been on edge trying to keep Nina from learning what they’d schemed to do.

Now, General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps suggest it’s all about to implode on them. Unbeknownst to Carly, Avery gave Sasha her special necklace as a good-luck charm for her live interview with Jackie.

As the interview was in-process, Carly looked and saw the pendant hanging around Sasha’s neck. Nina and Jax were watching online from her office, and she spotted it quickly too.

Jax and Carly both know the significance of this pendant being seen on live television. However, Nina’s completely perplexed and won’t be able to make sense of this right away.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that on Thursday, Carly will beg Lucy to halt the interview. She’ll surely hope she can somehow manage to get the camera off of that necklace before Nina or anybody else of significance notices it.

Of course, it’s too late, but Carly doesn’t know that. Apparently, her efforts will be in vain anyway. Lucy will be defiant in rejecting these demands, which signals that she won’t give in on this.

It seems likely that Nina will take action pretty quickly after spotting that pendant. The weekly General Hospital preview had shown that there would be a bombshell set to drop at the Metro Court soon.

By the looks of things, Nina and Jax will rush out of her office and head back to the Metro Court. Before she can figure out why Sasha was wearing that piece, it appears that Jax will interrupt. He’ll tell his love that he can’t lie to her any longer.

Jax saying that will surely put Carly into a panic. However, General Hospital teasers do seem to signal that Nina won’t really be told what’s going on yet.

As this plays out, Valentin will ensure he’s right in the thick of it all. He will offer Nina his help, but even he doesn’t know how crazy things are about to get.

How much longer can Carly and Jax hide the truth from Nina? How will the details finally emerge? General Hospital spoilers hint that there could be some complications coming soon and viewers will be curious to see how this plays out.

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