Mark Jackson Fined $25,000 Following Public Officiating Comments

Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson has been fined $25,000 for public comments he made in an attempt to influence officiating.

Golden State lost to Denver in Game 5 of the NBA playoffs. After the game, Jackson said the Denver Nuggets sent “hit men” and took “cheap shots” at point guard Stephen Curry. Jackson then went on to mention Kenneth Faried’s foul in the first half of play.

In his comments, Mark Jackson said of the league’s decisions, “For two years now, I’ve taken pride in not ever criticizing referees — for two years. And then reading the statement by the NBA, I’m extremely thankful I am not fined for criticizing referees.”

When he was told about his fine, Jackson said, “I don’t like it, and I disagree.”

Jackson has never been fined for criticizing officials in the past. Jackson has been a head coach for two seasons, and he was never fined for criticizing referees during his 17 seasons as a point guard.

Jackson said of his situation: “This is an awesome time. I truly don’t take it for granted. I smile, $25,000 lighter, but I’m smiling.”

In defending his team’s own play and responding to Mark Jackson’s comments, Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl responded that Jackson’s game was a “different movie than I’m watching. I’ll go to any arbiter right now and show the dirty shots. They’re winning.”

Do you think Mark Jackson overreacted to the games officiating, or did Golden State witness an unfair shake down in Game 5 of the NBA playoffs?

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