‘WandaVision’ Theory Suggests A ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Character Is The Person Watching The Sitcom

WandaVision theories are a dime a dozen, with most of them being throwaways that grasp at straws. Among the hundreds that are currently out there, a few require further delving into. One of those comes from PopSugar, which is theorizing about the mystery character watching the sitcom at the end of Episode 1.

As the cameras panned away from Wanda and Vision and the credits began to roll, someone is shown to be watching the duo at a desk surrounded by all sorts of tech. This person appears to be a woman, and PopSugar suggested it to be none other than Darcy Lewis, last seen in Thor: The Dark World. Darcy first appeared in the original Thor film and showed up for its sequel but was noticeably absent from Ragnarok.

Kat Dennings’s fan-favorite character was confirmed for WandaVision back in November, and according to the series’ IMDB page, she will appear in six episodes. With only six episodes left to go, Darcy will appear in every episode for the rest of the show. The next few episodes will feature more of the outside world, especially after Monica Rambeau (Geraldine) was blasted out of Wanda’s reality at the end of “Now In Color.”

According to Comic Book, Darcy has come a long way since appearing in The Dark World. Production notes on WandaVision revealed what the quirky sidekick has been up to in the last several years.

“She’s gone on to become Dr. Darcy Lewis now,” Matt Shakman confirmed.

“So, she’s a real expert in her field.”

Darcy is also reportedly working for S.W.O.R.D., the organization whose logo has been popping up all over Westview. She will likely speak with Monica in an upcoming episode, which will hopefully also finally introduce Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo, whose voice has been heard over the radio speaking to Wanda.

Kat has admitted she isn’t sure what’s to come for her character past WandaVision and is still in the dark on whether she’ll appear in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

“I don’t know what Love and Thunder‘s premise or script is. I don’t know. I think anything in Marvel is possible. Once you’re in the MCU, I mean, you’re in it. They can do whatever they want. I don’t have any idea what it could be but I’m sure they could figure it out if they wanted to.” she told Entertainment Tonight.

A handful of actors have landed in Australia to film the fourth Thor installment, but as of now, there has been no spotting of Kat.

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