‘WandaVision’ Star Debra Jo Rupp Reveals A Moment Fans Should ‘Rewind’

WandaVision is easily the oddest project in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series is unlike anything the studio has ever done before, and its uniqueness has thousands of fans pausing the show frame by frame to try and uncover Easter eggs that might explain what the heck is going on. For now, it looks like Wanda Maximoff is living in some sort of an alternate reality where she has either trapped herself or been put in by a second party. It quite possibly could be a combination of the two, and any sort of hints hidden within the show might reveal what’s going on.

Debra Jo Rupp of That ’70s Show fame has a supporting role in WandaVision, portraying the wife of Vision’s boss, Mr. Hart. Mrs. Hart plays an important part in one of the series’ most disturbing scenes when her husband is choking at the dinner table. She repeatedly asks her husband in a playful manner to stop choking, making it seem like he’s doing it as a joke. When she continues to repeat the line over and over again, it sounds more sinister — as if she is really begging Wanda to stop what she is doing with her powers.

Rupp caught up with Cinema Blend to talk about her role and revealed a specific point that fans might want to take another look at, and it happens during the couple’s dinner. The actress was questioned as to why Vision pulled her seat out for her at the table, but not for his wife.

“I will say, for the particular chair moment, and I’m only speaking for the chair moment, I feel like that moment was put in to cover something else happening at the time,” Rupp said. “That’s what I think happened. … Honestly, if I knew, I’d probably slip. But I have this recollection that it was to mask something else that was happening at the time. So maybe you should rewind.”

Cinema Blend took a closer look at that moment and revealed there is something there to be further dissected. While Vision is helping Mrs. Hart with her seat, the camera cuts back to Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda, and Vision seems to disappear, despite the fact that Mrs. Hart is still partially seen taking her seat. Once the camera cuts back to a wide frame of the table again, Vision is seen returning to his own chair.

What this means is still unknown, but the followers of the project know that “the devil is in the details.”

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