Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Confronts Jax & Carly Receives Support

General Hospital spoilers for Monday reveal that the walls will be closing in on Carly and Jax as they scramble to keep themselves out of trouble. The two talked through their options regarding Nelle’s necklace on Friday, but all signs point toward this situation imploding on them soon.

As soon as Carly found out that Ava had the half-heart necklace, she filled in Jax. The two discussed their options, but they weren’t necessarily on the same page regarding what to do.

In the meantime, Nina admitted to Curtis that she still wants to find her daughter, even though it seems impossible. During the January 25 show, there’s quite a bit more on the way with all of these puzzle pieces.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nina will have to deal with Valentin in some sense. She keeps turning him away despite his offers to help, but he’s remained determined to stay in her orbit.

Apparently, Nina will be faced with something new related to Valentin and how he tends to do things. General Hospital teasers detail that she will tell someone that whatever they have in mind is the last thing they should do. It’s not known for certain it’s Valentin on the other side of this conversation, but it’s definitely possible.

Luckily, Nina is much wiser regarding Valentin now than she used to be, so she may not hesitate to put him in his place.

However, General Hospital spoilers detail that there’s an intense conversation coming between Jax and Valentin as well. The two men have never gotten along, but Valentin has no idea that Jax is hiding a massive secret from Nina. He’s surely going to learn about it soon though, and that will probably be very bad news for Jax.

The General Hospital sneak peek for Monday notes that Valentin will seemingly show up at Jax’s door ready to talk. Something will prompt him to tell Jax that he could be an accessory in some sense, although it’s not known yet what he’s referencing here.

As Jax is scrambling to keep Valentin from getting too involved here, Carly will take a different route.

The General Hospital preview showed her opening the door and expressing her relief that someone was there. It seems likely that it’s her mother Bobbie who is arriving at this point.

Will Carly tell Bobbie the truth about everything? Whether she explains everything or just a portion of the mess she’s in, Bobbie will do her best to help.

Next Tuesday, she’ll do her best to distract Ava. That is surely something she’s doing in coordination with Carly in an effort to get the necklace back. Will these efforts be successful? General Hospital spoilers signal that this situation will intensify rapidly in the coming days and fans will not want to miss a minute of the action.

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