‘Man Of Steel’ Has Superman Getting Ticked In New TV Spot [Video]

Man of Steel‘s new TV spot shows Superman getting really angry.

The reboot of Superman was most likely the result of fans demanding a new film that wasn’t terrible. After the success of what Christopher Nolan did with Batman, it apparently gave Zach Snyder the idea of making the character more believable in his own storyline instead of just being born perfect and saving the world and Lois Lane over and over. The dark and gritty feel is the new fad for superhero films in the DC Comics universe, and after Christian Bale’s Batman, we can’t deny the realism in the new look over the green neon travesty that was Green Lantern.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill (The Count of Monte Cristo), Amy Adams (The Wedding Date), Michael Shannon (The Runaways), Kevin Costner (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), Diane Lane (The Perfect Storm), Lawrence Fishburne (The Matrix) and Russell Crowe (Gladiator).

The Man of SteelTV spot begins with a view above the clouds at sunset as the voiceover begins, “What if a child dreams of becoming something other than what society had intended?”

We see Russell Crowe holding baby Kal-El up close, and then a man in a man-made tunnel of sorts. Then we see Superman flying through the clouds as the voiceover continues, “What if a child aspired to something greater?”

We see a woman looking on with a sense of hope, and then a bunch of men possibly watching a bunch of military planes fly by.

Text on the screen says, “From Zack Snyder, director of Watchmen & 300,” before we see Superman being led down a hallway by a group of men, a room full of computer screens, and something bright in the sky as Superman looks up. Another screen of text says, “And producer Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight Trilogy.”

The rest of the TV spot featuring an angry Superman is above.

What do you think of the second TV spot for Man of Steel?

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