Reese Witherspoon: I Said ‘Crazy Things’ During Arrest

Reese Witherspoon admitted that she said “crazy things” during her arrest back in April, striking an apologetic tone for the incident that brought her plenty of bad press.

The 37-year-old actress with a goody-goody image was thrown in jail last month after her husband Jim Toth was pulled over and arrested for suspicion of drunken driving. Toth was reportedly weaving in and out of a lane, prompting an officer to pull him over and conduct a field sobriety test.

That was when Reese Witherspoon went off, saying what she now calls “crazy things” to the officer arresting her husband. She used the “do you know who I am” card with the officer, who did not seem impressed at her stardom and put the actress in handcuffs.

“I said all kinds of crazy things,” Witherspoon said in an interview with Good Morning America.

Witherspoon added that she apparently learned nothing from her work in the Legally Blonde series.

“I think I played a lawyer in a movie so many times I think I am a lawyer,” she said. “And, clearly, I’m not a lawyer because I got arrested. I learned a lot.”

Reese Witherspoon admitted that one of the “crazy things” she said the night of her arrest was a claim that she is pregnant. The actress confirmed that she is in fact not expecting a child.

“I told them I was pregnant. I’m not pregnant … I have no idea what I was talking about,” Witherspoon said. “And I am so sorry. I was so disrespectful to him.”

“I know better,” she added. “It’s just unacceptable.”

Reese Witherspoon will have to answer for the “crazy things” she said that night when she goes to court later this month. She is set to go before a judge on May 22 for a disorderly conduct charge.

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