Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nina’s Flustered By Jax & Alexis Talks With Valentin & Martin

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Tuesday’s episode will bring some buzzworthy revelations for some Port Charles residents. Not only does Olivia think she has Tracy backed into a corner, but Alexis will be chatting with Valentin and Martin. Sam learns some concerning information, and Nina is a bit stunned by what Jax said to her.

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Jax and Nina started a rather serious talk. Things got a bit awkward, and according to SheKnows Soaps, that brings an apology with the January 19 show.

Nina made a reference to a future with Jax and then panicked a bit. Jax told her that he loves her, and General Hospital teasers indicate that this proclamation leads to more on Tuesday.

Apparently, Jax will decide that he owes Nina an apology. He will make that effort, but it remains to be seen whether she’ll fully accept it.

The General Hospital sneak peek reveals that she’ll tell her beau that she’s longed to hear those words from him. At the same time, it seems that she’ll go on to confess that something about what he said scares her.

According to General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini in a new Twitter post, there may be some tender words exchanged between these two.

“Special words are shared today between a couple-it’ll surprise you,” he tweeted.

He didn’t reveal that this is related to Jax and Nina. However, given the other General Hospital spoilers available, it seems fairly likely.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Alexis will have a conversation with Valentin. He’s been about the only person who has supported her without judging her during these last few difficult months. It looks as if he may bring Martin in to provide her with some assistance.

Jason will warn Britt about something, and General Hospital teasers indicate that Cameron will get some exciting news regarding a college application. Olivia will continue to push for the truth from Tracy, and Sam will hear some upsetting news.

Sam will end up overhearing a portion of a phone conversation Elizabeth has with Dr. Terry. A sneak peek shared by ABC details that Sam will quickly confront Elizabeth about what she heard.

She will ask Liz if it’s true that Franco’s tumor is back. Elizabeth will be resistant in talking about this and she’ll tell Sam it’s not her business. However, due to what happened to Sam years ago when Franco’s tumor caused all of his psychotic issues, it’s clear that she feels this is relevant for her.

General Hospital spoilers signal some major developments coming over the next few days, and viewers are anxious to see it all play out.

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