Chad Ochocinco, Kate Gosselin rumored for next DWTS season

First, let us have a moment of silence for the careers of those who must take second billing behind a woman whose only claim to fame comes from having a silly amount of kids, a name that rhymes with “eight,” and a douchey ex-husband.

Although it won’t be officially announced until tonight’s season finale of The Bachelor, rumors are flying around the web about the new lineup for Dancing With The Stars. Athletes and former celebrities being bandied about as “stars” on the upcoming roster are:

  • Kevin Federline, who is known mainly as Britney Spears’ baby daddy;
  • Jennifer Gray, of Dirty Dancing and botched nose job fame;
  • Chad Ochocinco, who plays baseball or something;
  • John Stamos, who actually was once in a Beach Boys video;
  • The chick who played Topanga on Boy Meets World;
  • Pamela Anderson;
  • Shannen Doherty;
  • Kate Gosselin

Regarding Kate Gosselin’s appearance on DWTS, RadarOnline quoted a source who says the former Mrs. Jon Gosselin is only going on the show because she needs cash money:

“Kate’s the kind of woman who will do whatever is necessary for her children,” one source said. “It’s great for her to be on the show, but she did it ONLY in a way that benefits her family.”

The official lineup is expected to be announced just before 9pm tonight on ABC.

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