Joaquin Phoenix Home Becomes Compound With Purchase Of Neighbor’s House

Joaquin Phoenix’s home apparently just wasn’t big enough. The Walk the Line star bought his first home in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles in 2006 for a pre-crash price of over $4.8 million. Now he’s bought the 2,500 square foot house next door for $1.4 million.

The original house, where he apparently still lives, was featured in I’m Still Here, a 2010 mockumentary directed by Casey Affleck. In the fake film, Phoenix claimed to have quit acting to pursue a second career as an actor. A lot of fans were taken in, and Affleck himself has said that he considered it a hoax.

Phoenix appeared on David Letterman to say that he thought that it was obviously a joke and that he never intended to fool anyone.

Be that as it may, the nearly $5 million house itself has been dismissed as “ordinary,” and it’s almost undeniable that Phoenix bought at the wrong time to get the best price. So we’ll just have to hope he got a tax write-off for its use in the film.

Even though it’s $3.4 million less than the first, the new Joaquin Phoenix home might seem overpriced to most of America. It has an eat-in kitchen and three bedrooms but for over a million bucks, a big closet in the master bedroom and a refurbished bath are the least of what we expect.

Of course, he’s really paying for the convenience of adding a new place right next door. Even after the crash, real estate prices in Los Angeles can be eye-popping.

Since Phoenix’s original home has 3,750 square feet, the new addition is likely destined to become a guest house. Maybe the purchase is even the start of a compound, according to this video:

Who wants to be the first to visit Joaquin Phoenix’s new home?

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