Amanda Bynes Topless Toilet Tweets

Amanda Bynes has now removed her bra in the slow-motion strip tease that is her current Twitter feed. The Nickelodeon alum is clearly looking for publicity, so here it is.

She makes use of her long hair to cover the strategic spots. Yeah, I know, I thought she shaved half her head too. Must have been the other half.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, she recently posted much the same toilet scene. But she was still wearing a black bra in that initial tweet. The fans loved the photo and made all sorts of obscene suggestions about what they would like to do with her cute body.

Bynes herself has expressed some worries about her weight in recent days, tweeting pictures of a visit to a gym and claiming that she weighs 135 pounds. Maybe she does, but if you ask me, most of it seems to be her rack, so I probably wouldn’t worry about it.

Still, judging from the grimace on her face in the “Rawr!” tweet, she is worried. When she still had her top on, she had confessed that she wanted to lose 35 pounds. Say what? From where?

The more adoring fans are happy to be called upon to offer reassurance. “You look FLAWLESS” and “I have no idea where those 35 lbs would be able to disappear from looking at that picture” are two of the more G-rated responses.

Most guys simply say that they wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers…only using slightly more X-rated descriptions of how much they appreciate her.

But, yeah, there are haters in every crowd. In all fairness as a journalist, I have to give both sides, right?

“PUT YOUR T****S AWAY” and “lol you photoshopped your nipples out” were two of the more printable comments.

And one fan is truly becoming jaded. After the second topless photo, he posted this cynical message: “u tweeted this already.”

I don’t know if I’d be egging her on like that, dude. Amanda Bynes hasn’t got much more clothing to lose.

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