‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers For Episode 2: Matt James Faces His First Dates & Plenty Of Drama Among The Ladies

Monday night spoilers for ABC’s The Bachelor detail that Matt James will experience his first dates with his ladies. Teasers from ABC indicate that he will have two individual dates, as is fairly customary. He will also have a group outing, but this one seems structured to guarantee a fair amount of drama.

The first date of this season goes to Bri Springs. Matt and his companion will seemingly do some messy riding on an ATV and then relax in a hot tub in a secluded, woodsy area.

There will be sparks flying between the two, and all signs point toward Bri receiving a rose. However, The Bachelor teasers detail that something about this outing sparks a lot of jealousy among the other bachelorettes. Viewers apparently can expect an emotional bombshell of some sort.

The group date will involve a whopping 18 contestants joining Matt for a wedding photoshoot. These types of wedding-inspired shoots have been done before, and having so many bachelorettes involved seems virtually guaranteed to create drama.

Victoria Larson, who considers herself a queen, will be on this one, and that’s likely to prompt some issues of jealousy. In addition, sneak peeks reveal that there will be some physical and messy components with what may be an obstacle course or something similar.

Contestant Sarah Trott receives the other individual date in Episode 2. Sarah and Matt will take a ride in a 1930s biplane and this will force the two to get quite close to one another quite quickly.

The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Sarah will have a tough time seeing Matt spend time with the other ladies, as she’ll be falling for him hard and fast. Somehow, her jealousy and feelings will spark other issues later on, perhaps during the cocktail party. Sarah does receive a rose.

A Bachelor sneak peek shared via Instagram indicates that viewers will see at least part of the rose ceremony, and Matt will share some sweet moments with bachelorette Abigail Heringer.

The preview indicated that several women would be holding roses when Sarah starts to struggle. She will drop and nearly pass out as a producer rushes into the frame.

Is that where Episode 2 will end? Given the teasers from the network, it sounds as if viewers might see a little bit more as the women react to Sarah’s spell.

Whether it’s at the end of Monday’s show or at the beginning of the January 18 episode, four or so contestants will be eliminated. Spoiler king Reality Steve previously teased that five new women would be brought in shortly after this ceremony, and that likely comes next week too.

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to Matt’s journey as The Bachelor, but spoilers do suggest that it’s going to be a wild ride for everybody involved.

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