WWE News: Hall Of Famer Jim Ross Blames Former Champion’s Lack Of Success On Him Being ‘Unmotivated’ & ‘Lazy’

During the latest episode of Grilling JR, by way of Sportskeeda, Jim Ross shared his real thoughts on Carlito. According to the Hall of Famer, the former United States Champion had the potential to become a main event star during his WWE tenure. He just didn’t have any desire to chase the proverbial brass ring.

Ross claimed that Carlito is a talented performer who could have went far in the company. However, the legendary announcer claimed that the Puerto Rican wrestler was more focused on being a lady’s man than a dedicated sports entertainer.

“He’s a goods worker. His only enemy has always been his own motivation. He can be as good as he wants to be, so therefore some perceive that he might be a little unmotivated, i.e., a little lazy. He wasn’t lazy in his interactions with the fairer sex because he was a Hall of Famer in that area. If he kept his eye on the prize and wanted to go in and work, he was absolutely extraordinary.”

Ross went on to say that Carlito could have been a “big time star.” He also revealed that he loved Carlito’s work during his run with the corporation and wished that he got more opportunities to shine at the top of the card.

As the Sportskeeda article pointed out, Carlito was regarded as a performer with a huge upside when he debuted in WWE. The Puerto Rican superstar moved to the main roster in 2004 after a one-year stint in Ohio Valley Wrestling, which was the company’s developmental territory at the time.

He then went on to win the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship and Tag Team Championships before leaving the company six years later.

Since leaving the corporation, Carlito has mainly participated in World Wrestling Council, located in his homeland, and on the independent circuit. He has been linked with a return to his former employer throughout the years, but it never materialized. However, Vince McMahon and co. have been keen to work with him again.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Carlito was expected to be on the last episode of Monday Night Raw, which was dedicated to the legends of the past. Despite being advertised for the program, Carlito didn’t make an appearance in the end.

As the report noted, he wasn’t interested in WWE’s plans for him and claimed that his appearance was falsely advertised. They would have essentially involved him traveling far just to make a two-minute cameo appearance.

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