‘The Wolverine’ CinemaCon Trailer Hits [Video]

The Wolverine just landed its official CinemaCon trailer.

Every X-Men film to date has had at least a cameo with Hugh Jackman playing the Marvel Comics favorite, the Wolverine. This time around, it’s not an X-Men film he’s appearing in; it’s his own movie.

We’ve seen him apparently losing his healing factor before he gets shot, and we know that the Viper, one of Wolverine’s rivals, is playing a role in the upcoming film where he meets a mysterious figure from his past. The film has been rewritten, no doubt thanks to the flop that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The Wolverine is expected to be more fan-friendly as the title character stands off against Japanese swordsmen in a film that is said to push his physical and emotional limits to the edge.

The newest trailer for The Wolverine will be shown at CinemaCon, but has been released online.

The CinemaCon trailer begins with Wolverine at a doorway with four Orientals standing behind him. He seems to be stretching his neck muscles and looking around as the scene fades to black.

Then we see those four men with sunglasses looking down after Wolverine’s claws come out in a blue walled room. Wolverine looks at them with that “show me what you got” stare of his and the words on the screen say, “This Summer.”

We then see a car driving along a big city road, most probably Tokyo. A man races into traffic seemingly in a huge hurry, and there are tattoos all over his back. We see a Japanese building before Wolverine bares his claws in public while wearing a long black coat, with business men appearing to be very busy and possibly terrified in the background.

The words “The hero” appear on the screen before we see Wolverine without a shirt, blades out, in a room with high-tech machinery.

The rest of the trailer is above.

What do you think of the CinemaCon trailer for The Wolverine?

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