Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Planning To Have A Baby [Report]

In the midst of rumors that they are heading for divorce, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are planning to become first-time parents.

The country music couple, who will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary on May 14, are reportedly planning to prepare for a new addition once their schedules clear up. Shelton is preparing for his “Ten Times Crazier” tour, which starts July 19 in Virginia Beach, Virginia and wraps up October 5 in Wichita, Kansas. Lambert is also starting her “Locked and ReLoaded” tour, which begins May 9 in Bakersfield, California, and will end September 21 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

An insider told OK! magazine that Lambert “wants to slow down and focus on having a baby” after their respective tours end. The source added that if it were up to Shelton, “they’d already have [a kid] running around.”

There have been rumors circulating that Shelton is cheating on Lambert, an accusation that was made even worse when it was reported that Shelton wanted Sheryl Crow to join The Voice as a guest mentor.

“Miranda lit into Blake. She bawled and screamed that he’s heartless, and he yelled back that she needs to chill out and trust him,” a source told Star magazine. “Sheryl’s been texting and calling Blake during off-hours, and Miranda is extremely annoyed.”

The source added that Shelton initially wanted Lambert to be the guest mentor, and that the show’s producers were on board with the idea. However, Lambert ended up having to decline the offer because of her touring schedule.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that Shelton is in L.A. for The Voice and Lambert is in Oklahoma. The fact that Shelton is constantly surrounded by young, pretty singer doesn’t help matters.

“Remember, Miranda and Blake began flirting with each other while he was still married,” a source told the Enquirer. “Blake and Miranda really need to make the effort to give their marriage time to blossom and grow. As it is now, they’re drifting further and further apart.”

Shelton and Lambert have both denied rumors that their marriage is in trouble, and Lambert even went so far as to say that “divorce is not an option” for the couple.

Do you think Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will be good parents? Should they wait to have a baby?

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