WWE News: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Reveals If He Can See Himself Having One More Match

WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is still a prominent figure in the wrestling industry, especially after finding his calling as an interviewer. He hosts a podcast and conducts interviews with modern stars and legends on his Broken Skull Sessions show for the company’s streaming service. According to Austin, this is the closest he’ll come to getting physical with wrestlers ever again.

In a new interview with Fox Sports, “The Rattlesnake” confirmed that his in-ring days are over. While he said that he enjoys returning to the company’s flagship programming every couple of years for segments, some of which see him performing a Stunner, he doesn’t have the itch to lace up his boots ever again.

“I don’t want to do nothing else in the ring. I’m done. I’ve retired. Everybody knows that. I don’t need to go out there and drop anybody on a stack of dimes and give them stunners. Once in a year, once every two years, whatever.”

The sports entertainment business is littered with stories of retired superstars coming back for one last hurrah. Shawn Michaels returned in 2019 after vowing to never step back into the ring after his initial retirement. The Undertaker, meanwhile, recently admitted that he’d consider having another match if Vince McMahon was in a pinch.

Austin, on the other hand, has resisted the allure of a comeback, even though most fans would love to see him take on a dream opponent. The former World Champion even believes that he’s healthy enough to compete, should he ever decide to, but that day will never come.

As Bleacher Report pointed out, Austin said that he could still wrestle “in theory.” He also said that he wishes that he got to face Hulk Hogan, John Cena and other major stars that he never got to wrestle during his prime. Austin revealed that he could realistically compete for two years on a full-time schedule, but he’d only do it if he really needed the money.

Should Austin ever be tempted to return, he might find a willing opponent in Hogan. As The Inquisitr previously documented, the “Hulkster” is keen to have one more bout at a WrestleMania pay-per-view.

During his conversation with Fox Sports, Austin stated that he enjoys being a fan these days. According to the future Hall of Famer, he’s loved the business his entire life, and some of the current crop of performers impress him.

Austin cited Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Drew McIntyre as some of his current favorites on the roster. “The Rattlesnake” also revealed that he gave Kevin Owens his blessing to use the Stunner, suggesting that he fully endorses the former Universal Champion.

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