‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Liesl Scrambles With Anna & Dante’s Playing Coy

On Thursday, General Hospital viewers will see the episode that was originally slated to air on Wednesday. Due to news coverage, the show was preempted for many fans, so ABC will broadcast it in full on January 7. Spoilers tease that there will be a lot going on in this one.

Previously, General Hospital spoilers detailed that Martin and Valentin would have an intense discussion, and Cyrus would get some resistance from Jordan. There’s news on the way regarding Ryan, and the sneak peek shared via Twitter noted that Elizabeth and Franco will share a night out together.

Franco had an episode outside Sam’s penthouse, but it looks like he’ll try to ignore the importance of that for now. General Hospital viewers will see Peter gushing over Maxie, although fans know that he’s almost certainly about to run into a fresh round of obstacles.

Peter has been desperate to keep Maxie from finding out about all the bad things he’s hidden from her. However, Dante is on a mission to expose him, with Liesl pulling the strings. In addition, it seems virtually guaranteed that Franco’s current health issues will ultimately expose Peter.

Liesl is back in Port Charles and hanging around General Hospital in a disguise. She revealed herself to both Dante and Britt, but she’ll try to hide her identity from Anna.

Anna crossed paths with Obrecht near the elevator at General Hospital and spoilers indicate that this interaction will continue on Thursday. Anna will ask if she knows the disguised doctor, and naturally, Liesl will do her best to avoid answering. Her blond wig and glasses may be enough to fool some people around GH, but it certainly wouldn’t fool Anna.

Liesl will seemingly manage to get away from Anna without her cover being blown. General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Anna will also have a chat with Dante during this upcoming episode. She’s suspicious about the WSB signing off on his return home and she’ll try to learn more directly from him.

However, Dante isn’t going to open up too much here. The General Hospital sneak peek reveals that he’ll tell someone he guesses they’ll never know, and it seems likely this is during his conversation with Anna.

Dante certainly isn’t going to tell Anna that he was released from the facility in Geneva with a mission to investigate Peter. Granted, what neither Dante nor Anna knows is that this task was orchestrated entirely by Liesl from the beginning, not the WSB.

How long can Liesl hide her presence in Port Charles? Who will be the one to ultimately expose Peter? General Hospital teasers hint that big developments are on the horizon and fans are anxious to see what’s next.

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