January 4, 2021
WWE News: Former Superstar Claims He Almost Didn't Join Company After Official Disrespected His Stepdad

As summarized by WrestlingNews.co, Lance Storm joined Bryan Alvarez on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live to discuss a variety of topics. During the interview, the former WWE superstar revealed that it was never his goal to join the company, and he wouldn't have if one of his former employers hadn't gone out of business.

According to Storm -- who competed in WWE between 2001 and 2005 -- revealed that he was always a fan of the NWA and WCW and it was his objective to compete in those promotions.

However, he was against joining Vince McMahon's company even more after his stepdad called the office to enquire about getting Storm into a wrestling school.

This led to Storm's family member having a conversation with Jack Tunney, a former official who worked with the company's Canadian offices at the time. During their conversation, the official -- who also appeared as an on-screen commissioner in the 1980s -- allegedly said that the promotion only hired talent from the amateur circuit, which wasn't true.

After Storm informed his parent that he'd been lied to, his stepfather called back up to call the employee out. Tunney then allegedly hung up on Storm's stepdad after stating that he'd rather "not bother with [him].'"

The former Intercontinental Champion said that this gave him more of an impetus to succeed in the industry so he could have the opportunity to show the same disrespect to the promotion's officials someday.

"So at that point, in the back of my mind, my ultimate goal was to succeed enough in wrestling that the day would come where I could pick WCW or WWE and I could tell WWE, 'To be perfectly honest, I just assume not bother with you and sign with WCW.' That was in the back of my head."

Lance Storm poses for a photo shoot

Storm went on to say that Tunney got fired, which made him reconsider his opinion of WWE. However, he hinted that he may never have left WCW if he had the option to keep working there throughout his career.

Storm eventually joined WCW in 2000 and stayed there until the corporation went out of business one year later. He then signed with WWE when the promotion acquired its main competitor and launched the infamous "Invasion" storyline, which Storm was a part of.

Storm returned to WWE in 2019 to work as a producer, but he was let go earlier this year due to staff cutbacks following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As The Inquisitr documented, Chris Jericho criticized McMahon for the decision.