Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Laura Gets An Idea, Dante Has Questions, & Brando’s Tested

General Hospital spoilers for the December 29 episode indicate that the issues involving Sonny and Cyrus will impact quite a few other people throughout Port Charles. Sonny is missing after the bridge collapsed as he confronted Julian, and ultimately this exchange was tied in large part to Cyrus. Now, others will be trying to figure out how to navigate the ongoing issues.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Laura will meet up with Jackie at the Metro Court. Jackie popped up in Port Charles recently to work with Lulu and The Invader on a deep dive into Cyrus. She had to leave for a bit to work on another project, and now she’s got a lot of catching up to do.

A lot has happened during the time that Jackie was gone. The Floating Rib exploded and Lulu was left in a coma. Cyrus was presumed to be tied to the explosion, and Laura also learned that he is her half-brother. It looks as if Laura will fill Jackie in on all of this, and General Hospital teasers signal that she’ll come away from the chat with some support and an idea.

The preview shows the two women together at the Metro Court and Laura will look thoughtful as she says that her friend has just given her an idea. As SheKnows Soaps notes, Laura will do some digging into her half-brothers Cyrus and Martin as the week progresses.

In addition, General Hospital teasers suggest that Dante will step up and get involved in trying to find out where Sonny is. The preview shows Dante with Jason, asking what’s being done to protect “his” family. Will he be referring to Sonny’s family here, as in Carly, Donna, Avery, and the others?

General Hospital spoilers detail that Brando’s loyalty will be tested during the next few shows. By the looks of things, that begins on Tuesday. Brando was with Jason, Carly, Michael, and Willow as the family discussed Sonny’s disappearance. However, he’s still working for Cyrus, and he’ll surely do his best to keep what he knows about Sonny’s situation to himself.

Brando will meet with someone and he’ll ask if the person is trying to make a move on him. During this General Hospital scene, Brando is wearing a suit, so this is probably a conversation either with Cyrus or someone connected to him. Could Cyrus try to make another move on Jason while Sonny seems indisposed?

While it seems that Sonny will remain missing for now, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will have a moment where she’ll seem to be reunited with her husband. She’s said to receive an unexpected visitor on Tuesday and it seems it’ll be Sonny. However, it is virtually guaranteed that this is a dream or hallucination of sorts.

How much will Cyrus accomplish during this tough time for Sonny’s loved ones? General Hospital fans have a hunch that things are about to get pretty crazy and they can’t wait to see what’s next.

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