‘RHONJ’ Star Melissa Gorga Indulges In An Adult Beverage In Tight Leggings & An Oversized Sweatshirt

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga indulged in an adult beverage in tight leggings and an oversized sweatshirt in a new Instagram share. The stunning 41-year-old was gorgeous in the snap where she joined husband Joe for a night out watching sports.

In the snap, tagged as being taken in the couple’s home state of New Jersey, Melissa sat in a chair in what appeared to be a sports bar. Above her head, several large televisions played different games for patrons to enjoy. The walls had a lush, deep red color that was dramatic against a dark brown floor. Coordinating chairs with red cushions and brown tables set the scene for a fun night out.

Melissa wore her long, dark hair parted in the middle, slicked back away from her face, and secured into a ponytail at the back of her head.

She wore thin, oversized gold hoop earrings in her earlobes.

Her fashion reflected the casual evening out with her husband, with whom she shares a daughter Antonia and sons, Joey and Gino.

Melissa had on a bright red sweatshirt that featured a logo from the band AC/DC. With that, she wore a pair of tight, black leggings and white sneakers. To her left was a large Dior tote bag with her name on it. In her left hand, she held a glass with sangria in it.

Fans added their own commentary regarding the snap, including their feeling that Melissa was in for some bad luck due to leaving her purse on the ground.

“Not the Dior on the floor Melissa, that’s bad luck,” wrote one fan.

“Bad luck to place your purse on the ground!” penned a second observer of the photograph.

“Yes, if you place your bag on the floor, you’ll always be broke! I’m superstitious that way!” claimed a third Instagram follower.

“Aahhh I remember the days of going to a sports bar, putting my expensive bag on the dirty ground, and posing for a glamour shot,” joked a fourth fan.

On December 21, Melissa showed off a holiday outfit in a photo taken in her family home that just sold for $2.5 million, reported Bravo TV. In a story written for The Inquisitr, Melissa donned a high-necked black shirt, which she paired with a white jacket that featured dark piping down the front and on the wrists. This was paired with a high-waisted leather miniskirt and knee-high boots.

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