‘Downton Abbey’ Clothing Line Is In The Works

Downton Abbey is getting its very own clothing line.

Since the series has become a international phenomenon, the producers are looking for ways to capitalize on the show’s endless success. In order to give folks a taste of what it’s like to live in Lord and Lady Grantham’s world, a line of clothing will soon be available for purchase.

Carnival Films’ managing director Gareth Neame explained that producers are being “extremely cautious” about how they use the Downton Abbey name.

Although producers are currently eyeing fashion, apparel, furniture, wallpapers, beauty products, and stationary, the list of items probably won’t grow to New Kids on the Block-size proportions.

Neame explained to CNBC:

“In retail terms, the first series launched the program and the brand, the second year ratified it and the show didn’t even hit its high point in the U.S. until this year when series three ended in the US. It’s very rare for a British drama to have this much retail potential and merchandizing value.”

While producers are currently working on a Downton Abbey clothing line, Neame explained that some of the tie-in products have been available since 2012.

“It’s a very slow burn the moment you get into retail, it’s extremely cautious, it has to test the established brand. No one wants to launch products if the show’s going to be a flop,” he added.

Neame explained that a series of books and a music album are currently available to fans.

The third season of Downton Abbey has been a huge hit for the folks at PBS. Millions of viewers reportedly tuned in to see the drama unfold earlier this year. Season four is expected to debut overseas at some point this fall. It’s currently unknown when the fashion line will be available for purchase.

Are you a fan of Downton Abbey? Would you purchase any of the selections from the show’s tie-in clothing line?

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