‘Game Of Thrones’ Hits Record Ratings Number

Game of Thrones hit a new record for ratings numbers thanks to the popularity of its latest episode.

One of the world’s most pirated television shows is also simply one of the most watched. The show has actually beaten its own ratings numbers a couple of different times this season.

Sunday’s episode brought in a whopping 5.35 million sets of eyes. That was a nine percent increase from the week before.

That 5.3 million was actually just for the premiere episode but HBO long ago figured out they could get more eyes on their shows by airing it again the same night.

Across all plays the network’s top spring season show brought in 6.7 million viewers. The Game of Thrones record is impressive enough when simply left on its own.

True Blood has long been the most popular show on HBO but the recent ratings numbers seem to indicate that there is about to be a new king of the hill.

In comparison, the show about southern vampires got 5.2 million eyes for its season premiere a year ago. Considering that Thrones is bringing in more than that for a mid-season episode there are rumblings.

Certainly the fact that the action is starting to ramp up around the iron throne helps. One of the most popular, or most despised depending on who you ask getting a mortal wound had tongues wagging after that episode.

In the long run, there really isn’t a fight going on between the two shows. They are both on the same network and they air at different times of the year.

At this point, it seems as if True Blood could actually be helped by the popular spring series leading into the June premiere of its own show.

Summer is coming and it appears that the Game of Thrones record means happy times at HBO.

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