Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Jordan Faces Questions From Curtis After Seeing Taggert

Port Charles police commissioner Jordan Ashford will face some tough questions during Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers from the sneak peek shared via Twitter tease that her husband Curtis will want to know the truth and she probably can’t avoid answering this time.

After months of covering it up, it’s finally been revealed to Trina, Portia, and others that Taggert didn’t really die earlier this year. Jordan was the key person involved in faking his death, but she never told Curtis.

Now, Jordan is hoping that having Mac arrest Taggert can keep him safe from Cyrus. Curtis arrived at the PCPD and was understandably stunned to see Taggert there. General Hospital teasers indicate that he will quickly presume that his wife was involved in whatever went down.

It appears that Curtis and Jordan will head to her office where they can have some privacy. She will look on the verge of breaking down as he demands to know whether Jordan knew Taggert was alive prior to this.

At this point, Jordan surely will admit that she did. She came clean to Mac about being involved, so now she will have to face admitting she’d lied to her husband for months. He probably won’t take it well.

Can Jordan and Curtis survive this massive betrayal? General Hospital teasers suggest that this might be too much for them to overcome.

Not much else has been revealed yet about what comes next for the couple. General Hospital fans still suspect that Curtis is Trina’s biological father, not Taggert, and these latest developments could certainly be laying the groundwork for that bombshell to drop.

Friday’s episode of General Hospital will also bring more action with Laura. She just learned that both Martin and Cyrus are her half-brothers, and this comes as a massive shock.

Laura will blast Cyrus, quickly realizing that he likely knew about their biological connection for quite some time prior to this. Martin is stunned by all of this, and General Hospital teasers signal that he’ll be on the receiving end of some surprises coming from his brother during the next show as well.

Viewers will also see Sonny confront Julian once more. Things got quite messy at the station as Cyrus’ man tried to take out Julian, Sonny, and Jason. Cyrus’ ally lost that battle, but Julian scampered away.

Julian’s in bad shape, though, and he couldn’t move faster than Sonny. General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny will give Julian one more chance to save himself, but it doesn’t look likely that the former mobster will pull himself out of this deep hole this time.

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