Sofia Vergara Says She Can’t Always Be A ‘Sex Kitten’

Sofia Vergara is largely known for her good looks and her oftentimes exaggerated accent. The actress wants the world to know that even she can’t always pull off the “sex kitten” persona.

Despite trying to play down her sexiness the Modern Family star has found plenty of ways to cash in on her sex appeal. The actress has launched her own line of shapewear for Kmart.

The woman is so gorgeous that even costars like Julie Bowen have joked about having a crush on the brunette beauty.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan the still rising star talked about having to live up to the public opinion all the time and how in the end it’s just not possible.

Sofia Vergara said that before she met her fiance, Nick Loeb she tended to meet her dates outside the home. She did this in order to make sure that her son wasn’t exposed to a man she wasn’t sure she was going to end up being with for the long term.

Because of this, she claims that when she’d come home, a ratty tee and shorts were the usual attire.

The actress said that now that she is living with Loeb, she doesn’t feel like she can do that anymore. Now she says she keeps nicer pajamas around.

In the interview the Colombian beauty talked about the fact she would like to have a child with her soon-to-be husband but knows she will need a surrogate.

Many fans may not realize that Vergara fought off a bout of Thyroid cancer. Because of that, she froze her eggs in case she ever wanted to have a child again.

Sofia Vergara said that whether or not she has another child she does know that she wants to be working for the rest of her life.

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