‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Taggert’s Presence In Port Charles Has Everybody Scrambling

Tensions will be running high during Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Julian’s seemingly going to make one more push to save himself, but Sonny and Jason are once again closing in on him. Back in Port Charles, the Taggert situation is ruffling a lot of feathers.

The General Hospital sneak peek posted on Twitter revealed a few tidbits about what’s on the way with the December 17 show. Trina has been determined to find out the truth about her father’s supposed death. She tried to pursue this with only Josslyn and Cameron by her side, but now both her mother Portia as well as Carly are looped in on the situation.

Of course, Carly knows that Taggert’s alive, but she didn’t admit to Josslyn that Cyrus’ tease with Trina was correct. The General Hospital preview shows that Portia will tell Trina that “he” is about to get what is coming to him.

Portia is surely referring to Cyrus here. Trina admitted that she had been told by the mobster that her father was alive, and Portia isn’t going to take this lightly.

After Jordan talked with Trina, as Taggert watched in the bushes, a man working for Cyrus approached them. Jordan shot him, and soon revealed the truth about Taggert being alive to Mac.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview show that Mac will pressure someone to come clean and it appears this talk will happen at the PCPD. Will it be Taggert who sits on the other side of that table?

Mac will angrily tell the other person that what they are saying is “BS” and that they know it. As Mac confronts this person, which is surely connected to Jordan’s massive reveal, she will be making a phone call.

Jordan will reach out to someone and note that they did her a favor and now she’s returning it. She’s been scrambling in regard to this Cyrus situation for months now, and General Hospital teasers suggest that this may all be exposed soon.

Earlier this week, Curtis took Laura to the care facility where they figured Florence was staying. As Wednesday’s show ended, Laura was in Florence’s room.

However, someone else was about to enter, and some viewers suspect it may be Cyrus. Regardless of what Laura discovers here, General Hospital teasers detail that Curtis will reconnect with her and let her know there’s trouble back in Port Charles.

Jordan told Taggert she was going to stash him away in the only spot she could think of that Cyrus couldn’t reach. She asked him to trust her, and General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers will get major developments with all of this during Thursday’s episode.

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