Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Trina’s Under Pressure As Her Quest To Find Taggert Continues

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode hint that it may not be much longer before Trina learns that Taggert is alive. The walls certainly seem to be closing in on the not-so-dead former detective and viewers are ready for this bombshell to drop.

According to SheKnows Soaps, viewers will get more scenes revolving around Trina during the December 16 show. Fans have come to adore the character as well as actress Sydney Mikayla, so this is certainly welcome news. However, there seem to be some signs that suggest the teen could be in danger again soon.

During Tuesday’s show, Jordan approached Carly about Taggert. While Jordan was responsible for helping him fake his death, she had thought he’d stayed out of Port Charles as she’d instructed. Recently, she learned otherwise.

It did not take Jordan long to figure out that Sonny was probably involved in helping Taggert stay out of sight. She approached Carly, who initially tried to pretend she had no idea about it. However, the two women soon warily provided some information to one another.

Jordan met up with Taggert while Carly beckoned Josslyn. Carly pushed Joss to come clean about why Trina thought her dad was still alive. After some pressure, Josslyn filled in her mom.

The General Hospital preview for this week had hinted at some danger ahead for Trina, Taggert, and Jordan. Now, it seems the groundwork is being laid for this.

Trina spent some time by herself on a park bench reminiscing about her father. As Tuesday’s episode ended, she seemed to hear someone coming toward her. The General Hospital sneak peek suggests that it’s Jordan who will approach the teen.

Will Jordan tell Trina the truth? Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll do the opposite. It appears that she’ll try to convince Trina that she’s setting herself up for disappointment by believing her father might still be alive.

Ava will talk with Portia at General Hospital and at some point, Ava apparently will also connect with Trina as well. As the teen’s loved ones do their best to protect her, teasers do seem to signal that more trouble might be on the horizon.

The chat between Jordan and Taggert went unnoticed this time. Unfortunately, before the week is over, it does seem that someone will figure out where they are. It also seems that Trina will be spooked again, and this might all tie together.

Trina and Portia will be prompted to visit the PCPD this week for some reason according to Soap Central. This situation is growing more intense by the day and General Hospital spoilers do signal that explosive developments are coming soon.

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