Emme Rylan Addresses ‘General Hospital’ Exit, Says She Would ‘DEFINITELY’ Return If Asked

A lot of General Hospital fans have been up in arms over the show’s decision to write out the character of Lulu Spencer. Even though Emme Rylan’s exit was anticipated, people are still frustrated. In a comment on a recent Instagram post, she addressed someone’s question about the situation as best she could.

Shortly after reports emerged indicating that Rylan had been let go from General Hospital, she shared some roundabout updates with fans. She made it clear that she could not comment directly on what her status was. She did confirm, though, that her absence was not her choice.

Last week, a comatose Lulu was transferred out of General Hospital and sent to a care facility. The good news was that she was still alive and a return was left open as a possibility. However, it didn’t sound as if people should bank on that happening anytime soon.

Even if Lulu is brought back, it’s not known for certain that Rylan would be the one returning. However, she said she’d be up for it.


The relevant exchange came in the comments section the day after Emme had shared a sweet post showing her sewing with her daughter Dakota.

“As loyal viewers, knowing it was not her choice to leave, after her last on air day I don’t understand why we’re not allowed to know. It made no sense and I told my husband watch she’s going to be in a coma for a little while until they re-cast. Viewers deserve to know what happened,” read a comment on Emme’s Instagram post on Sunday.

Just an hour or so after that, Rylan directly responded to that note.

“I was told that I was being taken off contract and that the character was being put into a coma. I wasn’t informed about anything else. If they invite me back I would DEFINITELY come back. I love my GH family!” the actress detailed.

So far, that response has received several dozen likes, and quite a few other General Hospital fans noted that they already missed her.

There had been some speculation that General Hospital might be planning to recast the character of Lulu. So far, no spoilers have emerged indicating that’s the case. By the looks of things, Rylan’s supporters have no interest in seeing anybody else step in to play Lulu at this point.

The actress wasn’t the only one to depart General Hospital recently. The characters of Dustin Phillips and Dev Cerci were also killed off, and now Julian Jerome is essentially on the run. Some viewers suspect other departures may be on the horizon.

Unfortunately, the show seemingly hasn’t addressed this decision at all, and Rylan obviously only knows so much. For now, she’s traveling with her family and doing her best to enjoy the freedom of not being on a television set every weekday.

Will Lulu eventually emerge from her coma and return to Port Charles? If she does, will Rylan be returning? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there may not be any answers one way or the other on this for a while.

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