ESPN’s Chris Broussard Walks Back Criticism of ‘Sinful’ Jason Collins

Chris Broussard, the ESPN NBA reporter, has predictably “clarified” his remarks about Jason Collins.

Yesterday on the sports network’s Outside The Lines broadcast in a discussion about Jason Collins coming out in relation to Christian beliefs, Broussard claimed that that gays are “openly living in unrepentant sin” and are “in open rebellion to God.” The comments created an uproar across social media which is still ongoing.

Broussard, who like Collins describes himself as a Christian, also criticized promiscuous heterosexual behavior and sex outside of marriage, which is interesting to say the least considering that he works full-time covering the NBA and its free-wheeling, nightlife-loving players.

After midnight, Broussard posted a message about the Jason Collins situation in which he characterized the NBA journeyman center as brave:

“Today on OTL, as part of a larger, wide-ranging discussion on today’s news, I offered my personal opinion as it relates to Christianity, a point of view that I have expressed publicly before. I realize that some people disagree with my opinion and I accept and respect that. As has been the case in the past, my beliefs have not and will not impact my ability to report on the NBA. I believe Jason Collins displayed bravery with his announcement today and I have no objection to him or anyone else playing in the NBA.”

ESPN as a corporate entity realized that the controversy was harming its brand and itself issued an apology about the original Chris Broussard remarks:

“We regret that a respectful discussion of personal viewpoints became a distraction from today’s news. ESPN is fully committed to diversity and welcomes Jason Collins’ announcement.”

In January, ESPN fired Rob Parker for on-air racially charged comments about Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III. Do you think Chris Broussard should or will face any disciplinary action by ESPN in this instance?

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