Aussie fans reportedly walk out of Whitney Houston concert

Whitney Houston is perhaps better known now for her reality show with ex Bobby Brown and drug problems than her vocal talents.

Still, fans in Brisbane, Australia lined up to see the fading songstress Monday night, until she started sucking. Then they wanted a refund:

One woman commented that Houston “can’t sing, couldn’t perform and was the worst act we’ve ever seen”, sentiments echoed by many others. “She couldn’t entertain a dead rat,” was another comment.

Even her tour manager conceded that Houston’s performance didn’t exactly meet what’s expected of the singer, but stopped short of an apology:

“[She] is now up on stage, warts and all, presenting herself like an open book for the world to see and they want to ridicule Whitney. If they expected to hear the Whitney of 20 years ago, go buy a CD. If they want to see a true professional artist give 100%, well come along and enjoy the ride of an amazing talent, on stage, letting her heart and soul out for us all to enjoy.”

A performance on Wednesday in Sydney didn’t go over well, either. Fans report that while the first 50 minutes were okay, the set “broke down” after a thirteen minute break in the show:

One fan, Shane Norquay, tells the paper, “Some of it’s been beautiful and some it is just horrible. It feels like she’s trying to be herself but it’s not working.”

Bernadette Latta, whose son bought her the tickets as a Christmas gift, adds, “It’s terrible. I have never walked out before a concert finished but that was just terrible. I’ll be suggesting my son tries to get a refund.”

Ouch. It looks like the only showbiz project in Houston’s future might be a stint on Celebrity Rehab.

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