‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Tayshia Adams Welcomes Someone Back & Hits A Wall: ‘I Don’t Wanna Do It Anymore’

This coming week on The Bachelorette, spoilers indicate that viewers will get two jam-packed episodes. The end of Tayshia Adams’ journey to finding love is almost over, and that means some double doses of drama leading up to the finale.

New episodes of The Bachelorette will air on both Monday and Tuesday nights during the week of December 14. First up is the “Men Tell All” special, although this one will certainly be a bit different in comparison to what viewers are accustomed to seeing. On Tuesday, The Bachelorette star will go on “hometown dates” with her final four suitors.

The sneak peek shared via Instagram teases that a man will be back. Spoilers suggest that this essentially refers to two different people. First, host Chris Harrison returns and takes his spot back from JoJo Fletcher.

The preview shows Tayshia greeting Chris, who had been away for a few days to move his son to college. He’ll talk with her to get caught up to speed, and at one point he’ll suggest that she cleaned house.

According to ABC, Monday’s show will start with some pre-taped drama. Tayshia previously eliminated Bennett Jordan, but he’s about to return. The remaining contestants won’t be happy about that, and The Bachelorette teasers indicate that he won’t stick around for long.

The December 14 episode will include a one-on-one date for Tayshia and Blake Moynes. They will visit a crystal guru, and spoiler king Reality Steve has said that Blake will get eliminated on this outing.

A tough cocktail party and rose ceremony will be shown, and Tayshia will face multiple eliminations. Ultimately, she’ll keep just Zac Clark, Ben Smith, Brendan Morais, and Ivan Hall for the next step.

After that comes what will seemingly be a shortened “Men Tell All” that includes just a handful of the bachelors who started out this season.

Reality Steve spoiled that none of the final four guys did the special. Apparently, only nine contestants were there, and that includes Yosef Aborady, who was gone before Tayshia took over for Clare Crawley.

ABC details that the families of Tayshia’s final four guys will travel to the La Quinta resort to meet her. She’ll embrace a small-town carnival with one suitor, but it seems things get a bit rocky with his loved ones.

Tayshia’s other dates will include a chance to design sneakers together along with a cooking lesson. The last man who gets his “hometown” will realize he’s in love with Tayshia. However, he may have a tough time letting her know that.

Previously, Reality Steve spoiled a juicy tidbit about these family meetings. However, on Monday, he shared updates that turned things around a bit.

Originally, he said that Brendan’s family wouldn’t film their portion. In addition, he believed that he ended up eliminating himself at this stage. The buzz was that Brendan quit after realizing he had unresolved feelings about his somewhat recent divorce.

Ultimately, however, that apparently is not what happened after all. Ben will be eliminated after the family meetings, setting the stage for some surprises as the rest of The Bachelorette plays out for Tayshia.

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